Animals and Birding

Animals and Birding

Heysbrook is home to an array of game. Regular sightings of bushbuck and duiker, kudu and waterbuck are to be had. Mountain reebuck, klipspringer, serval, genet and caracal are periodically spotted. Leopard occur in the mountains, though have not been seen near the lodge. You may be fortunate enough to see the Honey Badger or the Brown Hyena, both of whom live nearby. Bush pig are common, though elusive. Porcupine and Bush Babies are frequent nocturnal visitors. 

Being situated on the escarpment, Heysbrook is blessed with both highveld and lowveld birds, as well as several that aren’t supposed to be here! Special birds to look for include the narina trogon, knysna and purple crested louries, the crowned eagle and perhaps the blue swallow… Twitchers get excited by the buff spotted flufftail, whom you’re unlikely to see, though you will hear the haunting call incessantly at night or on overcast days.  A comprehensive bird list is available in your bedroom.



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